Insecure: Season 3 Reviews

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October 5, 2018
By short-changing the dynamic that has drawn viewers in the first place - the caring, complicated friendship between Issa and Molly - that leaves the show with a hollow center it needs to address going forward.
December 6, 2018
Tiresome predictable calamities at every turn.
September 13, 2018
Insecure's willingness to follow the narrative arc of a beloved character and allow them to fade into the background is a move that many shows do not have the confidence to make.
August 24, 2018
Issa Rae has managed to keep the show focused on magnifying the small details of daily life. We enjoy following these characters because many of their trials are our own, and at the same time they capture African American life in modern America.
October 31, 2018
As the series' titular concept hints, insecurity is the main theme for each main character's arc, and this time, Daniel's (Y'lan Noel) is on full display.
August 13, 2018
Rae is concerned with representation and identity in all its messy, awkward truth; she's not concerned with virtue signaling or teachable moments or talking to a nonblack audience.
August 14, 2018
Molly and Issa aren't those girls anymore, but they're not the people they want to be quite yet, either. That space in between is what Insecure is so good at exploring, and season three is stronger than ever.
December 27, 2018
From the Rae-penned Season 3 opener, the series and its main character has now become an excellent portrait of an exercise in frustration.
August 27, 2018
"Insecure" has never felt more confident.
August 13, 2018
The sumptuous, symmetrical overhead shots of South L.A., the impeccably curated soundtrack, the effortless chemistry between cocreator-star Issa Rae and her costar Yvonne Orji-everything is right back where we left it.
October 31, 2018
It's been a hot minute since HBO's Insecure was last on our screens. Thankfully, showrunner/star Issa Rae and co are back to bless us with another dope soundtrack, witty one-liners and a whole lot of messy drama. We wouldn't expect anything less.
August 9, 2018
In the absence of an elaborate story, it is Rae's talent for crafting authentic dialogue and relationships that makes Insecure special.
August 17, 2018
Beautifully observed, wry, intelligent comedy.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
August 23, 2018
It's very smart and incisive about a lot of things, and it's also serving up beautiful heart, this is a show about economic struggle, and dating, and Los Angeles, but it's really a show about female friendship.
August 9, 2018
Surreal touches have become a staple of the HBO comedy.
Full Review | Original Score: B
August 10, 2018
The show toggles between devastatingly funny and quietly poignant with unflappable ease, and its performances and music direction continue to be some of the very best on television.
September 17, 2018
The stories it's telling are compelling, and the laughs are coming as quickly as ever.
August 1, 2018
Insecure juggles these complications marvelously, blending swoony-sexy swagger with laugh-out-loud comedy.
Full Review | Original Score: A
August 10, 2018
Issa's such a well-drawn character at this point that she doesn't have to be doing much for it to be appealing.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
Top Critic
October 31, 2018
"Insecure" is as "Insecure" was - only better in some ways, deeper in others.
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